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Helen Lee

What if I told you that nothing is going to change in your life.

How does that make you feel?


If your answer is unacceptable, your hands get clammy, you feel sick to your stomach, and stressed, click the call button now. I will guide you into the world of healing through meditation, expressive arts and coaching, sound healing and therapy and TRE, so you can have clarity about your life and plan for the best as you can be, enjoying your life, dealing with tough issues, managing relationships and relaxing on your “ME-TIME” because you deserve it all.


Connect with your inner-self breathing in and out, flowing with movements as your body leads, feeling heard and noticed with powerful witnessing, you walk out of a session with your head up high, feeling grounded and with a newfound sense of peace. These are some of the things you will experience in the multimodal healing session.


As you continue with your journey, you will begin healing, regain strength from within and you will gain confidence in life. I am not only sound healing meditation and expressive arts coach, but I practice sound therapy meditation and expressive arts in my daily life. I continue with the journey of meditation and creative arts and music, constantly searching for wisdom that reveals.


I often hear people saying how I look so peaceful and calm. If you knew me years ago, my pre-sound healing, meditation, expressive arts days, you would be so shocked at my transformation. 


My father loved taking photos. During my growing years, we printed photos and slotted them into plastic sleeves. I cannot help but notice how I look so sad and unhappy on the most of my old photos. I was unhappy.


My life now is not perfect by any means, but I found peace within myself. I learned to be compassionate for myself and I extend that to others through various methods of coaching. The meditation and expressive arts brought me clarity in my life. It brought me huge transformation and shift in my perception of life and about myself. Sound Healing and Sound Therapy continues to open whole new world of healing and understanding of ourselves in a context of various frequencies and vibrations.


Now, I want to share the power of healing, trusting the creative process, searching for answers that are within your deep inner world supporting your transformational journey.


In this healing process, unlike therapy and counseling sessions, you need not talk about your past, no need to go into details of your life, just immerse into meditation, or art making, having conversations with your own images, and sounding and listening to your own voice. We focus on the present moment, and no-one is going to critique, analyze or interpret your work. This is the power of person-centered creative coaching.

Allow me to guide you into your own world of wisdom through the power of creative process and reveal the true strength within you. Start your journey to your goals in life, dealing with tough issues such as diet, time management, career, pain management, healthy loving relationships, enjoying life, and sleep peacefully at night.

Experience & Qualifications

“I am passionate about helping people to transform through the power of arts, meditation, sound healing and sound therapy. I have witnessed powerful healing and transformation in my career, as well as within myself. The sacred space that I strive to hold, is filled with truth from the soul, and that’s when I knew I was in the right path dedicating my life supporting people from all walks of life to the fullest extent possible so people can experience inner peace as well as emotional fulfillment.”  ~ Helen Lee

Helen Lee, founder and a coach at VivaH Center for Healing, works with people from all walks of life to help them find their authentic self, heal, empower and to reach their best selves. She also works with organizations developing transformational work and leading powerful change with the power of creative arts, meditation, and sound therapy.

Helen is a certified Life-Coach, a certified TRE provider, and a certified Meditation Coach. She earned certification in Level 2 Inter-modal Expressive Arts. She has been serving community as a coach, music and art Educator and a Consultant for several decades.


As a professional artist, her art works are exhibited in many parts of the world including Singapore, Thailand, Australia, New York City, Korea, to mention a few. She is also a highly qualified concert pianist and has performed concerts in different countries such as Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, and Mexico collaborating with musicians from different parts of the world.


She currently resides in Dallas, TX.


You can feast your eyes with her paintings at

When she is not healing her clients in her VivaH Center for Healing on Dragon Street, she is rehearsing for the next concert with local musicians in Dallas area, painting her piece to be exhibited in galleries, or she may be passionately cooking fabulous meals.


2 years in Doctoral in Musical Arts

Master’s Degree in Music

Certified Life Coach

Certified TRE Provider

Certified Meditation Coach

Certificate in Level 2 Intermodal Expressive Arts

150 CPD hours in Music Therapy Course

Trained VoiceBio Practitioner

Certification in Sound Healing and Therapy

Trained in Aroma Therapy (2 years)

Trained in Food Nutrition (4 years)


Professional Experience

VivaH Center for Healing

            Founder and Coach 2021-present


Expressive Arts Dallas

            Founder and Facilitator 2017-present


Singapore Lifeline

            Founder, Counselor, and Director 2006-2008


Barker Road Methodist Church, Singapore

            Contract Counselor 2007


National Institute of Education, Singapore

            Contract Music Educator 1994-2008


NanYang Technological University, Singapore

            Contract Piano instructor 2006-2010

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