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Group Workshops & Events

Creative Journey
Make Art, Reflect, Discover
(90 minutes)

We are one, all connected in a circle of compassion and love. Come join the group in a safe place to unleash your inner voice! 


  • Meditation

  • Art Making

  • Reflective writing

  • Witnessing each other’s discovery


Monthly gathering, mark your calendar and don’t miss out on a chance to connect and discover your inner voice.


$12-26 or donation at the door

Sound Healing Meditation
Time Out, Let Go, Recharge
(90 minutes)

Bring peace into our life!

Guided sound healing meditation where you can breathe and release any stuck energy. You are in a safe place. 

  • Go Deeper 

  • Let Go of the energy that doesn't serve you. 

  • start your week with intention 

  • create space in your heart for new possibilities

A weekly Sunday gathering. 

Join us and be at peace! 


$12-26 or donation at the door

Payment types received: PayPal, Zelle and Checks are accepted. 

There will be 7% charge for credit card payment.

We strongly believe no-one should be turned away from healing for lack of funds. Please contact Ms. Helen Lee for more information. 


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