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Piano For All

Korean born pianist, Ms. Helen Lee studied piano performance with renowned musicians such as Leon Fleisher, Steven Bishop Kovachevich, James Tocco, Michel Block, Pamela Paul, and Vladimir Viardo. She earned a prestigious four-year scholarship to study for her Bachelor of Music at Indiana University Bloomington. For her Master's, she won a Teaching Fellowship to study at the University of North Texas. 


As a guest soloist, she has performed with the Seoul Juenesse Orchestra, the University of North Texas Orchestra, the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Daegu Philharmonic Orchestra. She also appeared on T.V. programs, and her performances often were recorded for radio programs in Hong Kong. Ms. Lee has given numerous concerts by Shell, Lassalle-SIA, NTU, and ESSO Series in Singapore. As a chamber musician, she has performed with members of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, the Daegu Philharmonic orchestra in Korea, the T'ang Quartet in Singapore and musicians in Dallas. Her concert career covers cities in the USA, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, and Singapore.


Ms. Lee was the piano instructor at the National Institute of Education, Singapore, for 14 years and Nan Yang Technological University for several years. She also taught at the SunCheon University and Gwangju University in South Korea. During her teaching career, Ms. Lee has produced numerous honor students, many who have gone on to win prizes in piano competitions, and they were admitted to prestigious music institutions such as University of North Texas, Stony Brook University, and Korean National University of Arts.


Her compassion for students and her ability to lead them to develop pride and motivation in their own musical journey sets her apart as a music educator.

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Piano For All

Playing the piano has many benefits. It enhances clear thinking, improves math skills and reading comprehension, and develops analytical skills.  You can also learn to play that favorite song you always wanted to. With more than 3 decades of teaching experience, transforming people through music education, she is loved by many. 


Learning to play the piano can be an enjoyable experience for anyone at any age. You will be able to appreciate music in a whole new way and make beautiful music with other people. It's never too late to start learning!


You don't have to be a child to learn how to play the piano. Playing the piano can have many benefits for adults. It's a great way to keep your fingers nimble, strengthen hand muscles & improve hand-eye coordination. It also prevents hearing and memory loss!



  • All ages welcome

  • In person or via zoom

  • Personally Curated Lesson Plan

  • Preparation for Competitions and College Audition welcome

Weekly Private Lessons
  • 30 Minutes Weekly $197/month 
    Ideal for young children and adults who are brand new to the piano

  • 45 Minutes Weekly $297/month
    Ideal for adults and children above 8 years old, and for students who are serious about learning to play, and to excel!

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"A performance you can sit back and enjoy"

Leon Fleisher

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