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Pricing for Services

Multi- Modal Healing Session

At Vivah Center for Healing, we offer unique person-centered multi-modal healing sessions. This means no one person will be receiving the same treatment. You will be receiving your own specially designed service with either one or more services combined to suit your personal needs in a session. 


For example, you may receive sound therapy and meditation coaching with SoundLounge experience. Or you may benefit more with meditation and expressive arts coaching. You may be led to TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercises) to release tension in muscles then flow into meditation coaching and end the session blissing out on the SoundLounge hugging the SoundPillow. 


We do not offer a single session because transformational work takes time and commitment. This is a journey into becoming better and happier YOU. Miracles happen but we need to keep continuing the sessions for at least 3 months in order for you to continue with a new outlook toward life or new healthy diet or new self-loving life. 


In support of your journey, we encourage you to participate in any of the support group workshops offered at no extra cost when you sign up for the 3 months package.  


3 months package includes:

10 sessions received within 3 months and 

unlimited access to any of the group workshops


45 minutes session 

Three $297 monthly payments


$801 one-time payment and receive 10% discount

60 minutes

Three $397 monthly payments


$1012 one-time payment and receive 15% discount

90 minutes

Three $587 monthly payments


$1408 one-time payment and receive 20% discount

Sound Healing & Therapy

SoundLounge and Sound Pillow
as a stand alone service 

Please note that the SoundLounge and Sound Pillow experience may be included in your 3-month package. Please check with VivaH Center for Healing for more information. 


20 minutes $26 / session

60 minutes $48 / session


Voice Bio - voice analysis

Includes Tone Note Card which will include all the information from the voice analysis.

$88 / analysis

$22 / cd or sound file per note needed


Sound Therapy Consultation and Follow Up may include one or more of the following:

  • Guided Toning Session 

  • Special Diet Plan

  • Essential Oils

  • SoundLounge with SoundPillow for the tones you need

$150/session (60 minutes)

PayPal, Zelle, Checks are accepted. 

There will be 4% charge for credit card payment.

We strongly believe no-one should be turned away from healing for lack of funds. Please contact Ms. Helen Lee for more information if you are in need of assistance. 


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