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Multimodal Healing

VivaH Center for Healing is an innovative healing center that provides extensive services toward healing physical and emotional pain through person-centered life transforming processes. We are committed to providing services with integrity, humanity, understanding, compassion, and non-judgmental support.


Our specially customized program provides transformative healing by guiding you through the various modalities to help you find the way forward on your journey towards healing and wellness. Our program is person-centered. We will work with you wherever you are in your life’s journey. The center offers expressive arts, guided meditation, TRE (Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercise), and Sound Healing and Therapy with the state of the art tools in-person in Dallas, Texas or virtually online.


Creative Journey:
expressive arts coaching

Unleash your imagination and let your voice be heard!

  • Multi-modal arts process

  • Image making

  • Movements

  • Writings

  • Poetry, followed by guided meditation

We strive to provide non-judgmental, supportive, and safe spaces where you can unleash your inner voice to reconnect and align with your innate wisdom to heal, discover, and empower through creative process. All materials are provided.    


Sound Healing and Therapy

We customize your experience to best suit your needs, such as promoting wellness, pain management, PTSD, depression, and transformation. 


  • Clear Stuck Emotions and Pain with Sound

  • Treatments with Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Drums, and Other Instruments

  • Voice Healing

  • Brainwave Entrainment with Binaural Beats

  • Healing Music

The Sound Lounge is a lounge chair that has transducers (subwoofer like speakers) mounted inside.  It can also be laid down flat.  Sound Lounge vibrates the whole body with the bass of the music you are listening to. 

Sound Lounge – A key component of the Sound Lounge is that its top layer is made of Memory Foam which forms to the body, thus giving you maximum contact with the vibration. When most people first lay down, they sigh with delight as they notice how soft and comfortable it feels — even before the vibration is turned on.  Because the Sound Lounge can also be laid flat you can also lay on your stomach and get your belly vibrated. Don't miss out on this totally relaxing experience! 

Pillows are embedded with powerful subwoofer transducers. 

Each pillow is effective as standalone vibrational devices, but when used with Sound Lounge, you are completely enveloped in sound and vibration as you are sandwiched between the lounge and the pillow. 

The Sound Pillow has big speakers and with strong vibrations which is better for experiencing the sound waves, you will bliss out!

Voice Analysis

VoiceBio Logo_edited.png

Voice Analysis is to find missing frequencies in a person’s voice with VoiceBio™

VoiceBio™ is a revolutionary new tool that gives you an overall holistic picture of your health. It analyzes your voice to identify areas of stress in your body and uncover emotions that may be affecting your wellbeing. With VoiceBio™, you can chart a plan for a greater sense of wellbeing and discover the true source and detect weaknesses with your emotional and physical condition.


Helen Lee is a trained VoiceBio™ practitioner, she will guide you into toning the missing pitches in your life, a better environment, balanced diet, and along with beautiful meditative music you could listen to blissful peace. CDs and downloadable music files are available for purchase so you could listen to them anywhere at your own time and places. 

Piano Keys

Piano For All

Playing the piano has many benefits. It enhances clear thinking, improves math skills and reading comprehension, and develops analytical skills.  You can also learn to play that favorite song you always wanted to. With more than 3 decades of teaching experience, transforming people through music education, she is loved by many. 


Learning to play the piano can be an enjoyable experience for anyone at any age. You will be able to appreciate music in a whole new way and make beautiful music with other people. It's never too late to start learning!


You don't have to be a child to learn how to play the piano. Playing the piano can have many benefits for adults. It's a great way to keep your fingers nimble, strengthen hand muscles & improve hand-eye coordination. It also prevents hearing and memory loss!



  • All ages welcome

  • In person or via zoom

  • Personally Curated Lesson Plan

  • Preparation for Competitions and College Audition welcome

Weekly Private Lessons
  • 30 Minutes Weekly $197/month 
    Ideal for young children and adults who are brand new to the piano

  • 45 Minutes Weekly $297/month
    Ideal for adults and children above 8 years old, and for students who are serious about learning to play, and to excel!

Guided Meditation Coaching: 
realign with your heart and soul, let go and renew

A weekly guided meditation where you can release any stuck energy, go deeper into your inner voice, and learn to let go of the energy that doesn't serve you.


Tap into your intuition, listen to your inner voice with intention, and begin to create space in your heart for new possibilities, peace, enlightenment, and self-love.

Yoga at Home

The TRE® (Trauma/Tension Releasing Exercises)

If you're looking for a way to relieve deep muscle patterns of stress, tension, and trauma, TRE® is the perfect solution. 


With our innovative series of exercises, we safely activate a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system. When this muscular shaking/vibrating mechanism is activated in a safe and controlled environment, the body is encouraged to return back to a state of balance. 


Reflexive muscle vibrations generally feel pleasant and soothing, and many people report feeling a sense of peace and well-being after doing TRE®. 


So if you're looking for a way to improve your overall sense of wellbeing, TRE® may be perfect for you!


Helen Lee is a Certified TRE® Provider.

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